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Thank you for designing such a clear-cut, straight-forward approach to data modeling and illustrating relationships. My hats off to you!

Thanks again. We will be purchasing this product today.

- Aaron Woolfson

Thank you for your excellent product. Ive been using it for several years now, and its very elegant and useful.

Don (USA)

ERD Concepts program is really great. Thank you. I have tried quite a few in the last few days. It is very easy to use, well thought out and quick. Thanks again. BTW, you should market this harder its very good!

- Raf Kimble

I have spent days looking at all the ERD design products under $500.00. Yours is the easiest, fastest to use and most complete I found. I produced a complex diagram within hours of buying it. I love it!

- Jon Burnham

Spent a while looking for something like ERD Concepts. This is really a great product, probably the best especially considering the price. I just happened to stumble across it, which is a pity. It deservers far more exposure. Once again really fantastic thank you.

- Keith Crompton


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  Data Generator
  Paradox to MDB
  CSV Splitter
  Dataset to CSV
  Connection string checker
  Empty Tables


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