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Upgrade policy

Minor Upgrades
When you purchase the ERDConcepts software product, you will get minor updates and bug fixes for free. Minor updates are updates of which the first version number has not changed. For instance - if you buy version 8.x.x, you can upgrade to any other version 8.x.x free of charge. Customers can check the version history on the ERDConcepts website. As you can see in the version history, minor updates are frequently released.

Major Upgrades
Major upgrades are indicated by a change in the product version number. So an upgrade from 7.x.x to 8.0.0 is a major upgrade. Major upgrades usually have a significant amount of improvements and new features. Therefore, you will likely have to pay an upgrade fee if you want to take advantage of a major update or version upgrade. You will not be forced to upgrade and you will still be entitled to technical support if you continue to use the previous version. If a major upgrade is released within 60 days from the date you've purchased ERD Concepts, you will receive the major upgrade free of charge.

* Polderij ICT reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

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