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What's new

What's new in version 8.0.4


  • Added: Ignore not null constraint option in schema editor. This will disable the not null constraint keyword output during script generation.

Index Editor

  • Fixed: Default index property values not applied as expected

HTML Report

  •  Changed: Full report html template. Triggers, views and routines are now displayed in 1 column instead of a multi column table.


What's new in version 8.0.3


  • Fixed: Problem with internal XML Format of the ecm design files


What's new in version 8.0.2


  • Fixed: Problem with pages when adding and removing objects

Database Scripts

  • Added: Object comments now available in DDL tab
  • Fixed: Comments not exported during database generation

ADO Connections

  • Added: Differentiation between x84 and x64 bit connection strings


  • Changed: Length symantics no longer processed during reverse engineering


What's new in version 8.0


  • Added: Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the software are now available
  • Added: Sample files are copied to the user/model folder during setup
  • Fixed: Selects with shortlist: Recursive refresh of shortlist after mask select


  • Added: Filter validation output on error, warning and/or hint
  • Added: Last used folder during "open/save as" operations is now saved
  • Added: Satellite mode is now cancelled on right mouse button click
  • Added: Satellite mode will now register the last clicked object in the object browser search box
  • Added: Show Index/Key Columns to <model><table display> menu
  • Added: Removed hinting when copying scripted objects in the same designer
  • Added: Support for PNG image files for loading in image objects
  • Fixed: Potential dead-lock situation during hierarchical autolayout operation

Table Editor

  • Added: Data types are displayed together with the names in the import column dialog
  • Added: Close button for each tab
  • Fixed: Random access violation while deleting 1 or more columns
  • Fixed: Copying a column would not update the PK, NN of AI checkboxes
  • Fixed: Saving existing index storage script as template

View Editor

  • Updated: Optimized column name script extraction

Object Browser

  • Added: Selecting an object in the browser will automatically select/find the object in the diagram
  • Added: Collapsing a node will also collapse all sub-items
  • Removed: The "Find Object" method

Execute SQL

  •  Added: Option to clear script history list

Syntax Editor

  •  Fixed: EOL comment with a single quote would start a quoted string for the next line

Todo List

  • Added: Todo list set to modaless so you can save changes without closing the dialog first
  • Added: Display filter (Todo, completed, All)
  • Added: Completed date attribute

Routinegroup Editor

  • Added: Search filter instead of search highlighting
  • Added: Syntax highlighting and text search in code preview section

Query Builder

  • Fixed: Sort order selection was missing

Model options / Shared

  • Changed: Max. number of rows, default to 0 (unlimited)
  • Changed: Trim name longer than, default to 0 (unlimited)

Style editor

  •  Fixed: Creating or renaming a style group would hide the style manager

Schema Configuration Editor

  •  Fixed: Generator properties not saved as expected

Data Editor

  • Added: Generate GUID value for selected field
  • Added: Progress indicator while opening datasets

Generate database

  •  Added: Total object count added to the individual tabs
  • Added: Database schemas can be created using the "create schema script" section. In order to use this for existing models add the script sections manually or import a default schema definition file using the schema editor.
  • Fixed: Clearing the filter editbox would only reset the object list when focused

SQL Lite

  •  Updated: Schema update for the database translation table

Supported databases

  • Added : Support for Interbase XE7
  • Added : Support for Interbase 2017
  • Added : Support for SQL Server 2017


  • Interbase 2007
  • Access 2003
  •  SQL Server 2005
  •  Oracle 9i

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