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What's new

What's new in version 8.0.4

Free for non-commercial use license

  1. New free license plan for non-commercial use, meaning: Use the software only during activities which (a) are not undertaken for profit, or (b) is not intended to produce works, services, or data for commercial use, or (c) is neither conducted, nor funded, by a person or entity engaged in the commercial use, application or exploitation of software products;


  • Added: Ignore not null constraint option in schema editor. This will disable the not null constraint keyword output during script generation.

Index Editor

  • Fixed: Default index property values not applied as expected

HTML Report

  •  Changed: Full report html template. Triggers, views and routines are now displayed in 1 column instead of a multi column table.


What's new in version 8.0.3


  • Fixed: Problem with internal XML Format of the ecm design files


What's new in version 8.0.2


  • Fixed: Problem with pages when adding and removing objects

Database Scripts

  • Added: Object comments now available in DDL tab
  • Fixed: Comments not exported during database generation

ADO Connections

  • Added: Differentiation between x84 and x64 bit connection strings


  • Changed: Length symantics no longer processed during reverse engineering


What's new in version 8.0


  • Added: Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the software are now available
  • Added: Sample files are copied to the user/model folder during setup
  • Fixed: Selects with shortlist: Recursive refresh of shortlist after mask select


  • Added: Filter validation output on error, warning and/or hint
  • Added: Last used folder during "open/save as" operations is now saved
  • Added: Satellite mode is now cancelled on right mouse button click
  • Added: Satellite mode will now register the last clicked object in the object browser search box
  • Added: Show Index/Key Columns to <model><table display> menu
  • Added: Removed hinting when copying scripted objects in the same designer
  • Added: Support for PNG image files for loading in image objects
  • Fixed: Potential dead-lock situation during hierarchical autolayout operation

Table Editor

  • Added: Data types are displayed together with the names in the import column dialog
  • Added: Close button for each tab
  • Fixed: Random access violation while deleting 1 or more columns
  • Fixed: Copying a column would not update the PK, NN of AI checkboxes
  • Fixed: Saving existing index storage script as template

View Editor

  • Updated: Optimized column name script extraction

Object Browser

  • Added: Selecting an object in the browser will automatically select/find the object in the diagram
  • Added: Collapsing a node will also collapse all sub-items
  • Removed: The "Find Object" method

Execute SQL

  •  Added: Option to clear script history list

Syntax Editor

  •  Fixed: EOL comment with a single quote would start a quoted string for the next line

Todo List

  • Added: Todo list set to modaless so you can save changes without closing the dialog first
  • Added: Display filter (Todo, completed, All)
  • Added: Completed date attribute

Routinegroup Editor

  • Added: Search filter instead of search highlighting
  • Added: Syntax highlighting and text search in code preview section

Query Builder

  • Fixed: Sort order selection was missing

Model options / Shared

  • Changed: Max. number of rows, default to 0 (unlimited)
  • Changed: Trim name longer than, default to 0 (unlimited)

Style editor

  •  Fixed: Creating or renaming a style group would hide the style manager

Schema Configuration Editor

  •  Fixed: Generator properties not saved as expected

Data Editor

  • Added: Generate GUID value for selected field
  • Added: Progress indicator while opening datasets

Generate database

  •  Added: Total object count added to the individual tabs
  • Added: Database schemas can be created using the "create schema script" section. In order to use this for existing models add the script sections manually or import a default schema definition file using the schema editor.
  • Fixed: Clearing the filter editbox would only reset the object list when focused

SQL Lite

  •  Updated: Schema update for the database translation table

Supported databases

  • Added : Support for Interbase XE7
  • Added : Support for Interbase 2017
  • Added : Support for SQL Server 2017


  • Interbase 2007
  • Access 2003
  •  SQL Server 2005
  •  Oracle 9i

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